Many moons ago I tried Miso Soup at a restaurant and decided I didn’t really care for it. Wayne loves it, though, and has it regularly when he goes to the Oriental restaurants near his work for lunch. Trying to be a good wife, and also realizing that it’s a very low-calorie dinner option, I decided to try making it at home.

In order to do that I needed wakame (or seaweed) and miso (or soy bean paste), which I found at Whole Foods.

I tried the recipe on the back of the miso package and decided I still didn’t care for it. However, I later learned that there are different types of miso paste, and maybe a lighter colored version wouldn’t be so strong. Amazon came to the rescue.


This time we tried the recipe on the back of the wakame package. Both of these recipes were pretty similar, and along with the miso and wakame included carrots, which Wayne says aren’t necessary. Many of the recipes I googled included tofu. They also mentioned dashi, which apparently is a vegetarian broth. Since the version we tried with the lighter miso was a bit bland (which also meant it wasn’t strong and overpowering), maybe I need to find some dashi.

So, while this wasn’t an exact replica of the restaurant version, it was definitely better than the last recipe I tried. We have many years ahead of us to keep experimenting. Maybe someday I’ll come up with a combination we both like!