Time for another staycation!
We took advantage of the local spring training stadium and bought tickets for the Miami Marlins vs. Detroit Tigers baseball game last Saturday. 

First order of business: picking up lunch and finding our seats!

To tell the truth, I wasn’t all that interested in watching the warm-ups, and I have no clue who the various players are, but it was still fun people watching. You’ll notice the gray skies. Fortunately, we had planned ahead and brought ponchos. (No umbrellas allowed in the stands.) Half-way through the first inning we put them on.

At the end of the second inning, the rain was beginning to turn into a deluge, the game was stopped, and the grounds crew went to work. 
Note: Wayne’s quite impressed with that gigantic tarp!
We were still keeping fairly dry, but when it got worse instead of better, we finally gave up our seats and joined everyone else huddling under the sparse overhangs.

We were in for the long haul, though, so when the rain let up a bit, we took our seats again and started watching the grounds crew ready the field. However, before they got too far, I guess they noticed another thunderstorm cell on the horizon, so the game was called, and we joined everyone else left in exiting the stadium.

While we kept dry longer than most, we didn’t totally succeed. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to dry things out when there’s no rain falling on them.

Not quite how we expected our day to end, but we still had fun and it will definitely be memorable!