The other day I went shopping and picked up some items I’ve never purchased before. It was kind of fun! First were a couple of new varieties of fruits. The plumcots just tasted like regular plums, and we weren’t impressed with this particular mini seedless watermelon, but maybe another time we’ll try them again anyway.

I bought the pomegranate juice to try an intriguing recipe I saw in the newspaper that suggested cooking bulghar wheat in juice instead of just water. We tried it and it was actually quite good.

Wayne needed the anchovy paste for Oysters Rockefeller. (And this has been sitting in the “drafts” folder for so long, I can’t remember what we used the flaxseed oil for!) Every so often, just for the fun of it, I buy a new type of salad dressing. Cardini’s Greek vinaigrette was pretty good.

The tapioca flour was so we could try Brazilian Cheese Bites, which were delicious.

Exploring at the grocery store is actually quite fun. I should do it more often!