It’s the first Rudolph Day of the year! I was wondering a bit how that name was chosen, and if I should come up with a different one. I still don’t know why this group selected that name, but I’m okay with keeping it. This year I was going to focus on the different symbols of Christmas and how they can help us remember Jesus Christ throughout the year. Rudolph actually has quite a few Christ-like characteristics and attributes, ones that I can work on developing as well.

They both light the way.

They both bring joy and hope into our lives. They are both unique and individual.

They are both kind and compassionate.

They both served those around them.

They both completed their assignments or missions.

They are both great examples to follow.

I’ll continue to celebrate Rudolph Day as a way to help me remember, repent, and be righteous. How about you?

“Jesus’ responsibility as Advocate, Savior, and Redeemer was foredetermined in premortal realms and fulfilled by His Atonement. Our responsibility is to remember, to repent, and to be righteous.” (Russell M. Nelson, 2000)

These simple toddler crafts could definitely lead to a discussion about baby Jesus if you’re intentional about it. Don’t forget the red nose can remind us of the Savior’s atoning blood.