It’s Rudolph Day! Do you know what that means? It’s something someone put together many years ago to help with spreading out Christmas planning throughout the year, to help make the Christmas season less stressful. You can read more about it here – Rudolph Club. Sometimes I’ve actually done something about it, but never consistently. (At the bottom of this post, I’ll put links to some of the months I actually completed something, so that they’re all in one place.)
I remembered this today because this year we’re planning on having many visitors for Christmas, and I know I’ll be much happier if I do as much preparation ahead of time as possible. About twenty-five years ago I tried following the Holiday Grand Plan, and while I liked it, it just didn’t fit our lifestyle. Another year I tried the Christmas Countdown (six weeks instead of eighteen devoted to holiday prep and housecleaning), and that was pretty good, but it wasn’t quite “me” either. This year I thought I’d look at them again, and I found something else called the House and Holidays Plan. It looks promising.
The plan starts next week. I’m not in the middle of the first week of school or seminary or soccer or anything else that made sticking to a long-term plan difficult in the past, so here’s my public declaration that I’m going to give it a try. Feel free to follow along if you’d like. Over the years I’ve learned that even if I don’t complete every task on the list, I do more than I would have otherwise, and that’s always a good thing.
Here’s the schedule for the “Fall House Cleaning” (and in addition each week will have some holiday prep chores like planning menus, wardrobes, travel, and/or gifts).

1 – August 28 – Planning/Paper – Office/Den
2 – September 4 – Calendar – Craft Room
3 – September 11 – Me & Mine – Master Bedroom
4 – September 18 – Close to Home – Children’s Bedrooms
5 – September 25 – House Room – Guest Room
6 – October 2 – Wardrobe – Clothes Closets and Laundry Room
7 – October 9 – Bedding & Bath – Linen Closets and Bathrooms
8 – October 16 – Family Spaces – Family Room
9 – October 23 – Public Spaces – Living Room
10 – October 30 – Cooking Space – Kitchen
11 – November 6 – Food Storage – Pantry
12 – November 13 – Dining Spaces – Dining Room
13 – November 20 – Entry Space – Entry and Coat Closets
14 – November 27 – Storage – Attic and Garage
15 – December 4 -Final Clean – Minimum Maintenance
16 – December 11 – Nearly There – Minimum Maintenance
17 – December 18 – Celebration Time
18 – December 25 – Christmas and New Year’s

I need to remember this!
Past Rudolph Day Posts:
And that’s as far as I got. Let’s see if I can do better this time around!