I didn’t feel like making what was on the menu today. Actually, I didn’t feel like making anything. I imagine we all have days like that. So, I googled “what to make for dinner tonight” and took a quiz. It wasn’t very helpful either.

Yesterday I roasted a turkey and this morning I boiled the frame, so I had plenty of turkey and broth, but I didn’t really want to make soup. It is July, after all! After spending too much time trying to come up with an idea (can we say “procrastination”?), I decided I liked the idea of tukey pot pie. However, I didn’t feel like making a pie crust (mainly because it isn’t terribly healthy), but figured dumplings would be a good compromise. Although it is July, it has been a very rainy day, so comfort food sounded quite appealing.

That’s a nice long story to say here’s what we had for dinner!

Basically I combined turkey and vegetables, shook some turkey broth and flour together to make a sauce, added a bit a cream just because I could, plus some herbs and spices, poured the hot mixture into a casserole and topped it with biscuits.* I baked it at 400 degrees for 15 minutes and it turned out quite nicely.

I would copy the recipe here, but this is one of those “adjust to your liking” “doesn’t need a recipe” recipe, so I won’t. Have fun creating your own version!

*In my surfing I saw the suggestion to substitute cornmeal for part of the flour, and since I had corn in the filling I did. However, next time I’d stick to just regular flour.

08/29/2017 – Today I decided to do the long version, making two pot pies and freezing them for later. Once again, it’s really still a process – make a turkey gravy and mix in cooked turkey and vegetables, season as desired (I used thyme, sage, marjoram, salt and pepper), plop into a pie crust and bake. You can also freeze first, then thaw and bake when ready.