Wayne loves steak, and so for Father’s Day this year I decided to try out Omaha Steaks and see if their product was any better than what we can get at a local grocery store. We’ve enjoyed trying out everything that came in the box. First up were hamburgers, which we used on Independence Day.

Not sure why a steak company also sells fish, but the Stuffed Sole was pretty good.
The meatballs didn’t fall apart (something that happens every time I try to make them), so that was good. They also tasted great.
The brats were delicious as well.
Finally it was time to open the box containing the real reason we tried the product. The 4-ounce portions were actually just right. We’re used to giant steaks, but they’re totally not necessary.
filet mignon, chicken breast, top sirloin
I like my steaks with just salt and pepper, although the Omaha Steak Seasoning that came in the box was pretty good as well. Wayne still added A-1 Sauce!
The chicken was just fine and made a great Sunday dinner version of California Chicken.

There were also a couple of side dishes included in the package. We tried the “Au Gratin Potatoes” with some broiled lobster tails and lamb chops one Sunday.

And the “Apple Caramel Tartlets” as dessert for another Sunday dinner. They’re fine plain, but they’re even better with a slice of melted sharp cheddar cheese or a scoop of vanilla ice cream!
Bottom line? Although we thoroughly enjoyed this culinary experiment, and also enjoyed making it last over several months, we prefer Costco steaks. Maybe they’re a higher grade of meat, maybe not, but they seemed to be a bit more tender and flavorful. Feel free to experiment yourself some day and let us know the results!
Note: Here are the current prices (2017, and per pound) for beef at our local Costco, just so I can remember them for the future. But mainly so I can remember that “prime” is better than “choice”!
filet mignon (choice) $13
top sirloin (choice) $7
top sirloin (prime) $8
New York steak (choice) $7
flank steak (choice) $7
top round steak (choice) $4
rib eye roast (prime) $16
whole tenderloin – about 8 pounds – (choice) $10
whole tenderloin (prime) $14