Old-Fashioned Jam Cake – From reading through the recipe I had my doubts that I would like this particular cake, and I was right. This is definitely on the list of “never make it again!” It was a dense spice cake, despite being made in an angel cake tube pan. The frosting was dry and crumbly. We were glad that Michelle was home and willing to help us eat it up. Fortunately, drowning it in ice cream made it palatable.

Very Cherry Pie – We know that we like this one! This variation used frozen instead of canned cherries.

Three-in-One Chocolate Chip Cookie – This is just your typical Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, made in three different ways. The first time was as a giant cookie, using a pizza pan.

As a cookie, it was just fine, but I thought the chocolate chips to cookie dough ratio was actually too high. I know, how could a chocolate lover ever make such a statement? And this particular recipe was a touch dry; we’ll stick with our favorite recipe. However, turning our cookie wedges into sundaes was a scrumptiously brilliant idea.

Crumbly Lemon Bars – These are crumbly, and I didn’t particularly like the obvious taste of lemon cake mix and saltine crackers in them. So, I’m not going to rewrite the recipe. If in the future I want lemon bars, I’ll use my “tried and true” one from the Hollister Relief Society Cookbook.

Golden Apple Cupcakes – Not bad, but not my favorite either. Basically the recipe was a normal yellow cake mix with chunky applesauce added to the batter, and a cinnamon/walnut topping sprinkled on top before baking. I thought they looked prettier before frosting them. The recipe given for the cream cheese frosting didn’t have any sugar in it. That struck me as odd, and it tasted terrible without it, so we added a bit, but it could have used more.

Golden Raisin Cheesecake – Also not bad, but not my favorite. I guess I’m not really into “fruity” desserts. Isn’t it nice we all have different tastebuds? Orange Pound Cake and Orange Pecan Pie also fit this category. Right now I can’t find a picture of those desserts; maybe someday in the future I’ll find and add the pictures to prove we actually did make them.
Miniature Brownie Cups – These are pretty much the same thing as Touchdown Brownie Cups, just using a miniature cupcake pan instead of a regular one. And the batter is pretty much the same as Hershey’s Best Brownies. So, just know that you can bake brownies in a pan, as cupcakes, or as brownie bites, and they will all turn out deliciously.