Look at what greeted us the next morning! Thankfully it wasn’t sticking to the roads so we survived just fine and were able to get to church in time to take a few pictures to help us remember this special day.

Joshua blessing whole group


As usual, the actual blessing itself was beautiful and we’re grateful we could participate in that memorable occasion. It was also a treat to be there for the Primary sacrament meeting presentation, and then to sit by our two oldest granddaughters as they listened to President Nelson and Elder Ballard explain the new youth program. They’ve already been working on goals to learn and improve, and we’re excited to watch them grow and progress.

It was only September, but enough snow fell to create the first snowmen of the season. I hope they’re still enjoying playing in the snow in a few months!

What’s a perfect dinner on a cold day? Authentic French soup and baguettes!

We had a wonderful trip, and look forward to our return next spring for another special day!