This year the youth dance was the same night as stake conference (still trying to figure out how that happened) so we didn’t attend. That meant we didn’t have to come up with a costume (like we did last year and the year before). That’s totally okay with me. However, I did help with the costume for Savannah. Her parents came up with the idea; I just did a bit of sewing.

As usual we participated in the Trunk or Treat at the church, by bringing chili and cupcakes along with a few Tootsie Pop Ghosts. Can’t forget Wayne’s scary eyes! (Savannah was not a fan of them.) It was a nice activity, and we were extremely grateful it was held on the beautiful Friday evening and not the rainy Saturday one.

We didn’t carve jack-o-lantern’s, but we did put out a few lights in the yard and hang up our paper plate skeleton, which inspired comments from several of the 125 or so trick-or-treaters that came to our door.

Too bad none of these cuties visited our porch, but that’s okay. We’re grateful for Instagram so that we can still be part of the fun.