Wayne’s mom has a tradition of sending a set of holiday bibs to her great-grandchildren and everyone I’ve spoken to absolutely loves them. They’re large enough to provide decent coverage, are easily washed and NOT easily pulled off. Besides that, they’re fun and festive. Because someday – waaay in the future – I hope to have great-grandchildren of my own, I thought it would be good to record the instructions. Maybe I’ll practice before then on babies of friends.

These start with a small hand towel (maybe it’s even called a finger towel). Savannah’s measured 11″ x 17″. Cut a 4 1/2″ circle for the neck, and then sew 12″ of ribbing into a loop. That is sewn into the circle. Add any decorative appliqué that you desire and it’s finished!
I found a couple of tutorials here and here that can help you create your own version.