Although I woke up early to teach my seminary class, Wayne had Good Friday off of work, so we really considered it the start of a three-day holiday. That means we packed a lot of activity into the weekend and took a lot of pictures. Here are some of them.
We tried a few new recipes; the first one was Italian Easter Braid.
Then it was off to Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge for a hike.
In addition to a lot of birds and butterflies, the alligators were fairly active as well.
After the hike we enjoyed a late lunch at the local Italian restaurant, which included a yummy Bacon Chicken Ranch Salad along with their version of Hawaiian Pizza. Delicious!

And then we tried another new recipe – Marshmallow Eggs.

We finished off that first day with a movie rental, then started the next day by splitting our efforts. Wayne accompanied the youth on their temple baptism trip, taking some family names of our ancestors, while I stayed at home to wait for the arrival of our newest descendant.
The afternoon festivities included playing tennis
and dyeing Easter eggs.
Sunday morning we enjoyed Easter baskets and creamed eggs and then had a wonderful time at church, which included more chocolate and The Living Christ in Relief Society.
The new recipe for dinner was a lemon chiffon cake, after the old recipes of roast lamb, potatoes and asparagus.
We definitely enjoyed our company!
Before the weekend was over, Jeff shared his increased piano playing skills, which baby Savannah really enjoyed. So glad they’re starting her young!
Hope your memories of Easter 2017 are just as wonderful as ours are!