I went on Loop 3 of this trail (and also on Loops 1 and 2), but we mutually decided that 10 miles is my maximum limit, so when it came time to do Loop 4, Wayne went alone. He had a wonderful time, and so did I!

Since it was a loop trail and I didn’t have to drive to a pick-up spot, I decided to do some exploring on my own while waiting. There was a short trail from the picnic area to a family campground that I took. I’m not used to hiking alone, so it was a bit disconcerting being out in the wilderness all by myself. However, I’m proud of myself for doing something new, and relieved that I didn’t encounter any wild animals.


With campsites surrounding a little lake, the campground itself looked like a nice peaceful place to spend a few days.

It was a lovely, peaceful day, and I’m glad we could spend it in this beautiful, natural setting.

Doesn’t he look way too happy for having just walked over 15 miles? As you can see, he loves doing things like this.