2017 – Michelle’s 24th Christmas

It took 24 years, but there was finally a Christmas Michelle did not celebrate with us. That’s because she was a newlywed and rightly spent it with her brand new husband and his family. That also means if you want pictures of her added to this post, you’ll have to ask her for them. I do know that she was excited to receive new markers and spent a lot of her free time practicing her lettering.

We thought it would be our very first Christmas, at least since our first one, with just the two of us, but then Weston’s family decided they wanted to leave the snow and cold behind and spend the holidays with us. So they did, and we had an absolutely wonderful time with some kids in the house on Christmas morning.

They enjoyed our warm winter weather so much, the next summer they moved here. Not to get ahead of things, but while they’ll come over for Christmas Eve, this should be the very first year since having children that we’ll be alone on Christmas morning. I wonder what it will be like?

I do know the likelihood of someone wearing the Santa hat to pass out presents is very low!

Weston’s 24th Christmas