December 31

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1992: long, snowy drive home from wedding - kind neighbor shoveled driveway1999: Weston and David to stake dance - Christine [...]

December 30

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1984: David's first smile2003: Dr. Okun looks at David's right knee2004: Jeff takes a 5 hour nap2005: walk on Pass-a-Grill [...]

December 29

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1992: Julie's wedding in Seattle2000: enjoy visit from Kevin's family2003: David, Brad, Jeff trip to Daytona - crystal shelf crashes2005: [...]

December 28

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1984: cook first turkey dinner1989: Greg's wedding - Brad breaks his leg climbing bunk bed2004: Brad & Jeff attend wrestling [...]

December 26

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1983: Weston's first tooth and first haircut1998: Wayne, Weston, David - leave for Colorado ski trip2001: Beckstrand's and Hiatt's visit2004: [...]

December 25

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1984: assemble rocking horse before drive to Provo1986: Weston passes out presents - jumps: "for me?!"1990: no company - Great! [...]

December 24

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1985: drive to Nevada border - no gas stations1988: dinner at Trimble's1995: elders and Swann's for dinner2003: McClure's for dinner2005: [...]

December 23

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1987: Weston threw tantrum at dentist office1989: Whitaker's arrive - Kevin and Lori stay with us2002: FHE at the Slovacek's2004: [...]

December 22

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1986: IOMEGA party at Trimble's1987: cousin Brett Whitaker born1996: David ordained a deacon2002: ward caroling with the Alger's2003: David home [...]