One of my goals this year is to try to do better at recording our memory-making days here on the blog for posterity’s sake. I probably ought to add at least one before January is over! This one was in the draft section, so I might as well start with it, and that will help with my never-ending quest to finish things.
I had a great birthday weekend in 2016, which started with a Saturday walk around Glades Pioneer Park, followed by a picnic. Our timing was perfect, and the afternoon thunder showers didn’t start until we were ready to leave.
Son #4 (our Lego fanatic) and his lovely wife came to spend some time with us. They couldn’t keep their secret any longer and insisted on having me open my present that night (before my birthday). In case you can’t tell, it was an announcement that they were expecting a baby – our 10th grandchild. Exciting news, and we were so happy for them. (The baby has since arrived, which means that someday there will be a post on that – hopefully, sooner rather than later!)
A lot of our celebrations center around food, and birthdays and holidays are no exception. We stopped for ice cream on the way home from our picnic, and my birthday breakfast was patriotic waffles. Wayne shared his Father’s Day gift of Omaha Steak burgers for our Independence Day barbecue, and we whipped up our favorite chocolate snack cake for dessert.

All in all, it was a beautiful weekend filled with activities that are now great memories.