Pancakes Three Ways

We don't have to try cooking without eggs for dietary restrictions, but we do want to wait another week before heading to the grocery store, and we're running out of eggs. I figured it was [...]

A Couple of Ham Dinners

There are two recipes for ham on Wayne's Super Special Roasts list, and we've tried both of them recently. The first is called "Best Ever Glazed Spiral Ham." However, since the actual recipe itself didn't [...]

End of the Month Salad

We ran out of lettuce, yet still want to have salads with our dinner. Here are some of the ones we're trying until I go to the grocery store next month. Carrot Tomato Salad Combine [...]

Skillet Pita Bread

Time to experiment again, with another recipe from the skillet bread list! Let's see if cooking pita bread in a skillet is more successful than baking in the oven. Either way, it's a long process [...]