We just had these for lunch, and they turned out so well, that I wanted to save the “recipe” somewhere. No picture, because we ate them too fast! This was basically a “clean out the refrigerator” type recipe. We had two lonely mini egg rolls and some cooked cabbage in the fridge. Often on Saturdays we’ll have quesadillas for lunch, so I was trying to figure out how to make a quesadilla that wouldn’t clash with egg rolls and cabbage and decided to google Asian Quesadilla recipes. There were plenty options; apparently “fusion” is a new “in” thing!

Anyway, I took some cooked turkey from the freezer (most of the recipes called for marinating chicken breasts in a teriyaki-type sauce and then grilling the chicken, but I was looking for quick and easy). I sautéed a little onion, red bell pepper, and carrot matchsticks for a few minutes and then added the chicken to that to heat through. There was also some leftover sweet and sour sauce (for the egg rolls) so I stirred in a tablespoon of that to help hold it all together. I layered a tortilla, some cheese (Costco’s 4-cheese Mexican blend is what was in the fridge), the chicken mixture, a little more cheese and another tortilla. Heat it through, flip it once, and lunch is served!