There’s a reason we picked Florida when we were choosing between the job here and the job in Philadelphia! The temperatures dipped a few degrees (I know, nothing like what you’re experiencing!) but that actually made our scheduled trip to the beach more pleasant. It wasn’t too hot and muggy, yet still plenty warm enough to enjoy the water. And the scenery was gorgeous.

MacArthur State Park surrounds this beautiful estuary. Someday we’ll return and try kayaking the perimeter.

After taking the trek across the boardwalk, which continues over the dune, you reach the beach.

Isn’t that a gorgeous view?

We arrived just in time to see a flock of birds fly overhead.
See, Grandpa went swimming. (I just waded at the edge and took pictures.)

Although we chose to go here because it was next on the “beach” list, it’s also a state park, so we’ll be returning. Next time we’ll read all the exhibits in the visitor’s center and take the Dunes Nature Trail. Doesn’t that look like it will be fun?