The next activity (as opposed to park or beach or cultural event) on our list of things to do in Palm Beach County was to visit the Palm Beach International Raceway, so off we went. I’ll admit it wouldn’t have been my first choice for our anniversary celebration, but it turned out to be enjoyable.
Instead of sitting down for a nice steak or Italian dinner, we had traditional fair fare at the Quarter Mile Grill. Fortunately there was a picnic table available, so we didn’t end up with greasy food on our laps.

We were able to watch drag racing on the 1/4 mile track, which I guess is the normal Friday night activity. These were just ordinary cars although I imagine some of the participants made improvements. I’m not an expert so I couldn’t even begin to guess what modifications are possible.

It was an enjoyable activity, although if we ever go again we’ll have to remember to bring our stadium bleacher seats, along with mosquito repellent, sunscreen, binoculars, and maybe even ear plugs.

One of the cars got up to 119.4 mph, and we saw a few go over 150 mph.

Another thing we learned is that just like in an ice rink, every so often they shut the track down so it can be resurfaced or something. It was kind of cool watching the zamboni, or whatever they call it.

We didn’t know everything would be outdoors, but because it was, we saw a beautiful sunset.


The view from the top of the bleachers down into the drivers’ parking lot.
We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Juno Beach. It was nice to be able to look out over the ocean from our balcony, but unfortunately it was a block away from the shore and the wires in the way didn’t allow us to get great pictures. That’s okay, though, because we have plenty of pictures without wires.