We welcomed three grandsons into our family this year – one in Michigan, one in Texas, and one in Montana. Aren’t we so lucky and blessed?! Imagine the fun these three will have together in the future. Anyway, here’s part one of our third baby blessing trip for 2019. (The other two are here and here.)

Once we finally arrived – let’s just say for the first time in my life I was on a plane that was diverted to another airport – Robyn met us on the front porch with “We have a baby!” Then we went to the number one tourist spot in Bozeman – The Museum of the Rockies – where we enjoyed learning about dinosaurs and Yellowstone. We’ll be back on another visit so Wayne can read some more signs.

Brad met us there and then took us on a short tour of his corner of campus.

The sculpture we passed is technically known as “Wind Arc” but called “The Noodle” by the students.

After Brooke came home from school, we drove to another site on the tourist list, the Missouri Headwaters, or the confluence of the Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin Rivers. Apparently none of the three rivers was individually impressive enough to be called the Missouri River, but Brad thinks Lewis and Clark just got tired of exploring; they came up with that rational to be done with their task of finding the headwaters of the Missouri so they could go home. What do you think?

Back at their house we had a delicious dinner of Chili Cheese Enchiladas, a meal served often when Cody was a girl, but something I’ve never had before. We’ll need to fix that. I could just ask her for the recipe, but since I like experimenting in the kitchen, maybe I’ll try recreating it on my own first.  I’m guessing combining elements from each of these recipes – here and here – will do the trick.

We also played games, read stories, and listened to a piano recital. It was an eventful day!

Welcome to the family, Joshua!