Memorable Monday Moments:
Part of the normal FHE routine is to go over the weekly schedule. This week’s shouldn’t be too bad, although now that I think about it, it’s not empty either (math league practice, temple trip, Personal Progress activity, Court of Honor, dentist, doctor and car appointments, Pampered Chef party, eagle service project and general conference).

We’ve had a month now of just two kids at home, and I’m surprised that it really is different! I’ve been comparing this school year to the one we had ten years ago. Here’s what that was like:

Weston was in high school on a modified traditional schedule. That means he started school mid-August, had three 2-week breaks during the year and finished mid-June.

David was in middle school on a year-round schedule (Red Track). No school in July, November and March.

Brad and Jeff actually had the same schedule as David, but at the elementary school.

Steven was in kindergarten. The school didn’t offer any morning class for Red Track, so he went on Yellow Track and didn’t have school in August, December and April.

Michelle was in Joy School two mornings a week from September through May. (I decided having an occasional kid-free morning was better for my sanity than having all the boys on the same track. That turned out to be a wise decision!)

This was the year where every morning I had to check the calendar to see who was in school and who wasn’t. And we discovered an unforeseen bonus of having one-on-one time when someone didn’t have to go to school and everyone else did. While I hope I never have to deal with six kids and five different schedules again, now that it’s in the past, it was actually a memorable year!