We had a new first in our family – our oldest grandchild was baptized. We’re looking forward to many special such days in the future, and I’m sure they’ll all be as wonderful as this one!
We tried getting a picture of just Wyatt and his dad, but his brothers wanted in on the action. That’s okay; we’re glad they were excited for him.
The baptism service itself was spiritual and beautiful. Wyatt did a great job of planning the program. He asked his aunt and uncle to give the prayers, his grandparents to give the talks, and his brother (and parents) to do a musical number. Sam was so brave and did an awesome job! We were disappointed that the wifi stopped working so the grandparents on a mission in Brazil couldn’t join us via technology, but we definitely felt their spirit. As the bishop noted afterward, the baptismal ordinance itself is very simple, and short, but it’s also very spiritual. It was a privilege to witness Wyatt making this special covenant with his Heavenly Father. I loved his gentle smile afterwards and his hug with his dad. We’re so proud of both of them!
Then it was time for the celebration at home. Lots of friends and lots of yummy food!

Once the guests left there was time for a few special gifts before bedtime. Wyatt was glad he didn’t have to wait another day to receive his new scriptures and special comforter. I tried taking pictures, but he didn’t stay still long enough. He was too excited!

Thank you for sharing your special day with us. We’ll always remember it and hope you do too!

It’s great to be eight!