The summer of 2010 was a very busy one. I’ve already written about a lot of our activities that summer (including a month long vacation with a wedding, EFY, and a national park camping trip), but hadn’t yet gotten around to recording Wyatt’s special blessing day. Before we head out to meet our newest grandson and participate in his special day, I figured I should remember our first one. In particular, I wanted to note that Wyatt provided some excellent practice opportunities for Steven in caring for a baby boy.

Babies provide great entertainment, even when they’re sleeping. We had fun visiting with family, including Megan’s awesome parents, while enjoying a delicious lunch, and then headed outside to take some pictures.

As the first grandchild in our family, Wyatt has some pretty heavy shoes to fill. However, since we’re writing about this day almost nine years later, we can tell you that he’s up to the task, and he’s doing an excellent job as WOW the 5th!