I imagine you’re all familiar with the little couplet attributed to Benjamin Franklin:

Use it up, wear it out,
Make it do, or do without.

We definitely try to live this principle, and it’s something that “works for us.” Here’s just one example that we put into practice this week. Hopefully, it will give you ideas for ways you can follow this advice yourself. I may even turn this into a series at some points, because there’s definitely more than one way to use up items around the house.

Last December I purchased some red and green “holiday” baking M&M’s, but then never used them before Christmas. I could put the bag in the freezer and wait for next December, but instead I decided to use them in some cookies for St. Patrick’s Day.

I didn’t want the red M&M’s in my green cookies, but it only took a few minutes to separate the two colors. That few minutes saved me a trip to the store to buy a bag of “green only” M&M’s!

We’ve done this in the past, usually in time for Valentine’s Day. I didn’t make Valentine cookies this year, either, but the red will work for an Independence Day treat, don’t you think?