Many years ago I was on our local elementary school’s School Site Council (SSC). This was a committee composed of the school principal and 3-4 teachers and 3-4 parents. The purpose of the committee was to develop a school improvement plan, and then to make sure it was carried out properly. It was an interesting opportunity, and much more suited to my temperament than serving in the PTA. (I did volunteer some through them, but it seemed to me the focus there was on fund-raising – definitely NOT one of my strengths or even interests.)

Anyway, one year one of my responsibilities was to help submit a grant application. As part of that process I attended a seminar at the school district where they explained the various steps involved. Near the end of the meeting someone asked a question, and the presenter didn’t know the answer. However, someone in the audience did; it was something they had learned through trial and error – when their previous application had been denied.

For some reason, that little experience stuck with me. I was flabbergasted that for all the years the school district had been giving seminars on how to fill out grant applications, they had never bothered to ask the individual schools what worked and what didn’t. They seemed to expect each school to flounder and figure things out all on their own. (That may not be true, but it was my perception at the time.)

It made me grateful for Relief Society. Whenever I had a question about something, particularly about raising children or being a good neighbor, I could ask someone. Often I didn’t even have to ask; the topic was introduced and then discussed either during a Sunday class or our monthly Homemaking/Enrichment Meetings. I learned to value those times greatly and I learned a lot. Not every solution worked for each family or individual, so having a variety of options to explore to see what worked for me and my family was wonderful.

We had a “share what works for you in setting goals” Relief Society meeting in my current ward in January and that reminded me once again of this experience with the School Site Council. And that gave me the desire to start writing these “Works for Me Wednesday” posts once again. I hope they’re helpful to someone!

So, that’s why I like these types of blog posts. This one doesn’t necessarily have a “works for me” tip included, but you could go here if you want to find some. The first one is “done is better than perfect” which definitely works for me often! And I guess finding a place to volunteer that suits your personal temperament and abilities is another one. What could you add?

Because posts are always more enjoyable with pictures, and because I didn’t take a camera with me to any SSC meetings, here are a few that I found in our family photo album of John Muir Elementary and our experiences there.

Steven’s and Michelle’s first day of kindergarten – a year apart but the process was the same!
Field Day one year with Brad’s and Jeff’s classes.
An open house night for Steven, Brad and Jeff.