When planning this month’s menu, I asked Wayne for some ideas. He had quite a few, and we’re slowly making our way down the list. I picked up some spinach for a Strawberry Spinach Salad (one request), and now it’s time to use up the rest in a Wilted Spinach Salad (another request). That’s a recipe I haven’t made in years, so I went looking for a good one. Here’s one that uses balsamic vinegar and feta cheese, which is intriguing, but I suspect someone will be expecting hard-boiled egg in his salad. This recipe is already scaled for two, and while I know we usually like Taste of Home recipes, and I imagine it will be fine without the radish (which we don’t have in the fridge), I think it will be more prudent to go with this one from Alton Brown. Do you have a favorite spinach salad?

To make this, cook a couple slices of bacon, then remove and crumble. Drain out most, but not all, of the grease out of the pan. Stir in a bit of red wine vinegar with a tiny squirt of Dijon mustard and a pinch of sugar. Season with salt and pepper. Stir in several handfuls of spinach, some sliced mushrooms and red onion and serve immediately, topped with the bacon and chopped hard-boiled egg. Alternatively, you can cook the mushrooms and onion before mixing with the spinach, like Pioneer Woman does.

Now, what should I serve with it?

(I decided on salmon chowder.)