We took a trip last month!
And on that trip I took 500 pictures, in spite of having a malfunctioning camera.  Thank you for being so patient while I got them uploaded and fixed the red-eye.  (We don’t want our angels looking like devils!)
Wyatt already knew how to go up and down the stairs, but Grandpa had to make sure he was doing it correctly.
“Do cousins really have to like each other?”
It’s so heartwarming to see that they love their vegetables!
Look at that perfect crawling form!
Christmas Eve was exciting, and Wyatt did a great job at helping tell the Nativity Story.
There’s more than one way to carry a child!
Playtime can be quiet . . .
or not so quiet!
Here’s more of the infamous box!
Togetherness is a good thing.

Evelyn wasn’t sure she wanted to be the guinea pig, but Uncle Brad is happy to know this is the type of carrier they want in a couple of months.

 That’s it for now!  We’ll get to more memories later.