Works for Me Wednesday
“How to keep from being Bored during the Summer”Although I am never bored, sometimes that’s not true for my kids. So, for the past couple of years I’ve looked forward to the “Summer Idea Lists” on Works for Me Wednesday. And it’s here again. Kristen even linked the posts from the past two years, so there are triple the ideas!

Unlike a lot of you, our summer doesn’t even start until a week from Friday (although with final exams at the high school next week, our schedule won’t be “normal”). Then we immediately jump into the week-long Priest/Laurel trip to Nauvoo. However, once we’ve recovered from that, we’ll still have two months of “freedom” until school starts again. Brad’s wedding will fill a couple of those weeks, but I still want some sort of summer plan! And I discovered a great idea this morning – The Summer Bucket List. Haven’t you ever wanted to go swimming in the car washing bucket? No? Neither have I, but I do want my kids to have fun, and yet help around the house as well. So I think this summer, instead of doing our “List of Fives” we’ll make summer bucket lists. I know there will be a couple of online classes, summer reading for English, and an Eagle project on the list, but I wonder what else will be? Here’s the start of mine:

  • Have the kids make a “bucket list!”
  • Read the Women’s Conference talks
  • Start a “Family Almanac” blog
  • Clean and organize the bedroom closets
  • Complete the pile of Christmas crafts
  • Finish weeding the backyard
  • Update the recipe binder
  • Set up a Facebook page
  • Learn how to drive the lawnmower
  • Make progress on the kids’ scrapbooks

Okay, so maybe this isn’t a “true” bucket list, but having written it down will motivate me to do better at completing some of these projects that have been on the to-do list forever. And I still have three weeks to make an even better list!Here are some links I found to give me some ideas. Maybe they’ll be helpful to you as well!
Updated May 2017: Some of the links no longer work, so I removed them. However, I kept the titles to help you brainstorm on your own.

Have a happy and safe summer!