Maybe it’s not so much a wrapping dilemma as a packing dilemma, but the other day I wanted to send a package to my granddaughter, and the box I had to wrap her gift in didn’t fit in the U.S.P.S flat rate box.

Fortunately, an idea came to my mind.  Cut both the top and bottom pieces of the box, slide them into one another, and tape in position. 
Now you have a new box that is the perfect size to mail. Hopefully this helps someone, but if everyone else in the world is already aware of this idea, at least I’ll be able to remember it myself in the future!

This just shows one half of the box, before the gift and lid were added.

Edited: I was quite touched when I opened a present from Wayne and noticed he had employed this little trick!

Even more touching were the contents of the refashioned box. For many, many years “blank journal pages” has been on my Christmas wish list. A few years ago we discovered that the kind I like (3-hole-punched, 8 1/2 by 11″ to fit in a binder) are no longer manufactured. So, for the last little while I’ve just used regular filler paper. This year Wayne (with the help of Michelle) created personalized paper for me. I was wondering what he was doing all last Saturday afternoon with the printer and a hole punch in the den. Isn’t he thoughtful?