I have a friend who is a master at making English toffee. One of the very sad things about moving away from them is that we were no longer the recipient of their wonderful Christmas gift. (Actually, one year she did mail us some. Isn’t she a great friend!) So, last fall when I saw a no-fail recipe for English toffee, I had to give it a try. You can try it too – Almond Roca from Tasty Kitchen.

This first batch was a success! So I tried a couple more batches. Not so successful 🙁 Practice makes perfect, so I tried a few more times. Some worked and some didn’t. However, I couldn’t just throw away the reject toffee; it was still good food – yummy butter and sugar and nuts and chocolate! I stuck it in the freezer until I could figure out what to do with it.A few weeks ago, I decided to add the toffee crumbs to our normal chocolate chip cookie recipe, in place of the chocolate chips. They actually turned out fine. The cookies were super sweet, but still edible. However, that day I overcooked one of the batches. Once again, I couldn’t just throw the crispy, yet not black, cookies down the drain.So, I turned them into crumbs and made a pie crust out of them. This Peanut Butter Pie was delicious, and no one knew one of the ingredients was over-baked cookies. Trying to find different uses for kitchen catastrophes, so as to avoid wasting food, works for me! I’m linking this to Works for Me Wednesday at We Are THAT Family!