It’s time for the Junior/Senior Prom, so last weekend we went shopping. Here are a few of the dresses Princess liked. See a problem? You’re right – no sleeves. We knew we weren’t going to find a modest dress in the mall, so the last stop was the fabric store, and today’s project was to turn this pile of “sparkly” fabric into a beautiful creation.I’m not a fairy godmother, so it’s going to take more than one day! But I can still share the story of the napkins and the noodles.

It’s been years since I’ve sewn a rolled hem on my serger, but armed with a new spool of wooly nylon (although now it’s called bulky nylon) and my long-unused instruction manual, I made the attempt. After the frustration of several broken threads, which meant re-threading the serger multiple times (another thing I haven’t done in years), I decided the hemmed tulle would pass Princess’ inspection. However, I wanted to be sure I had enough practice, and I happened to notice some pretty Easter fabric in the closet, so it was time to add another project to the day’s list – oversized napkins. They were quick and easy – just go around each of the four sides with the rolled hem settings, trim the threads at the corner and dab with some fray check. Now we have something to make our Easter meal festive, and I got enough practice so I shouldn’t ruin the dress. When I’m busy in the sewing room, I don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen. So, today we pulled out an old standby – Chunky Spaghetti. It took less than 30 minutes to put on the table, and in between stirring I was even able to do a couple little steps on the dress.So, making progress on projects while reviewing long forgotten skills Works for Me. And keeping a list of easy-to-fix dinners is a good idea too!

The all-important sleeves are done!