Works for Me Wednesday
National Parks

Our family tradition is to visit a different national park every year. This year it was Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Has anyone ever heard of that one before? Do you know where it is?? Part of the tradition is to drive every road in the park, visit every visitor center (which includes reading all the exhibits), and hiking every trail. We usually don’t complete all the trails (although last year we did), but we make a good start in our week there. Part of the fun is the good-natured grumbling that occurs over yet another hike. But this is Dad’s vacation, so we mostly do what Dad wants! And if nothing else, it’s memorable. That’s what works for us.

This will be a short and simple post because there are still a lot of things to do to catch up from being gone! (The pictures are all uploaded, but they still need to be sorted and organized before I can share them. Stay tuned.)