One of the things that helps keep me sane, particularly when it comes time to choose a costume for Halloween or Spirit Week, is to have a costume box. And one of the best items to have in the box is a cape. They’re actually quite simple to make. As I recall, I took a square of fabric, rounded the corners (but that’s not necessary), hemmed it so it wouldn’t unravel, and attached either ribbon ties or a button closure. Little kids love running around as Superman, or Superninja, or Super anything. In the collage below, there’s a cape-wearing wizard, ninja turtle, Darth Vadar and a couple of priates. One year we did spend a bit more time and made a reversible cape with a stiffened collar, but even that wasn’t terribly difficult. Here’s a pattern I found today that you can try if you wish. Keeping them around for years makes instant costumes stress-free. A few years ago the black cape from the bin was combined with a magician’s hat for an effortless costume.

So, having a costume bin with several capes to choose from works for me.