Yearbooks were distributed last Friday (another end-of-the-year event!) and the kids had fun going through it with their dad. You can just imagine the crazy comments they made.Saturday it was time for another work day! Michelle got the fun job of painting her room.Steven got the distasteful job of painting the frame for the air handler. Thank you for doing it without complaining!And then it was time for our future electrical engineer to learn some electrician skills. Although I’ve been told they’re two totally different fields, I’m sure the knowledge will come in handy some day. And now we don’t have painted-over (from the previous owners) outlets in the bedrooms.Sunday we enjoyed our Mother’s Day traditions. Steven (who looks an awful lot like Jeff in this picture) scrambled the eggswhile Michelle set the “table” and heated the cinnamon rolls. Everything was delicious!We came home from church to discover the sheriff’s car parked on our front lawn.

And not just one, but two! What kind of a neighborhood is this?? Steven and Michelle got to practice their cooking skills again, and fixed a lovely dinner, with help with their dad. And after talking with Elder Jeff it was time to drive back and get ready for another week of AP exams.

There you have it – just another, typical family weekend. We hope yours was nice as well. Have a great week!