I was going to say it was a pretty normal week, but I guess it really wasn’t.  Let’s just say that our “normal” usually includes some exciting things.  Here are just a few pictures for those of you who might be interested.

Steven and Michelle are practicing their cooking skills.  In addition to chicken nuggets and fries – “from scratch” – Michelle learned how to make Cuban sandwiches and blueberry muffins.

Oven -baked chicken nuggets and fries turned out to be fairly easy, and delicious too.  (Although we did decide that we prefer plain salted fries over this barbecued version.)

Wednesday afternoon Steven and Jeff drove to St. Cloud to help out with Camp Moroni, a six-stake mini Scout/YM camp.  You can read more about it here on Jeff’s blog.

Staff for the water hole
While they were gone the following greatly anticipated envelope from Salt Lake arrived in the mail, so it was kind of nice surprise that they decided to come home early.

Saturday Wayne completed the next layer of shelves in the pantry.  Only one more to go!

And he also used his Father’s Day Home Depot card to get the materials to make a new tool – something to help him make straighter cuts with a circular saw.

Other notable events this past week included:

  • Taking Michelle visiting teaching as a companion and not a tag-along
  • A mid-week date to the county library with Wayne
  • The first of the school clothes shopping
  • Stake YSA beach barbecue 
  • Jeff baptizing his co-worker 

I wonder what will happen this week!