Oh, the excitement of the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby! Time for creativity and competition and parent/son bonding and just plain fun!

5 boys x 3 years in Cub Scouts = 15 pinewood derby cars. See, we’re all mathematicians! And while it was an enjoyable activity, it wasn’t without stress and I’ll admit we were fine when the 15th race was over and all we had left were memories. However, it turns out it really wasn’t our last one! The Mutual decided that a pinewood derby race would be a great combined activity, and it was. The youth were put in groups of two or three, given the box, and told to be creative. One week they designed and cut out their cars. The next week they painted them. And the third week they raced them.

The kids must have learned something over the years, because they each helped produce a winning car. Congratulations!