My cousins’ posts (here and here) got me to remembering the times I’ve locked myself out. Would you believe that the last time was just yesterday. I hate doors that you can open while they’re still locked! But, going out the patio door and not being able to get in is a fairly common occurrence, so we’ve made that problem easy to solve – punch in the garage door code and use the laundry door instead. But there are a few more stories that ought to be recorded for posterity’s sake.
1970s Decade:
One day as a teenager, I went to the grocery store to get something for my mom, taking my baby sister. Just to make sure she didn’t pull on the door handle and open the door while we were driving home, I very carefully locked her door. Then I went around to my door and discovered it was locked. Where were the keys?? On the seat next to Holly!! I tried hollering through the door for her to pull on the lock, but she wasn’t able to. I felt awful leaving her in the parking lot, but didn’t have a choice. So, I went back into the store, found a phone, called home, and George came to the rescue, riding his bike the few miles to the store with the spare key. I don’t think my carelessness caused Holly any lasting emotional damage.

1980s Decade:
Fast forward a few years to a beautiful spring day when W&D needed haircuts. We decided to do it outside on our little patio. All went well for the haircuts, but when we decided to go back inside, I discovered that some little fingers had pressed the “lock” button on the sliding door before closing it. So, we decided to walk around the building to the front door. But that one was locked as well. I think we found a neighbor at home, called Wayne at work, and waited around until his lunch hour so he could come rescue us.
1990s Decade:
Ten years later, W&D were goofing around – I think they didn’t want to be bugged by younger brothers – and this time some teenage fingers managed to lock their bedroom door with no one inside. For some reason, our house came with a lock on that bedroom door, but no key. This time I figured they were big enough to solve the problem on their own. Climbing out B&J’s window and trying to get in through their window didn’t work. Eventually, they had to call a locksmith, and pay him themselves, to get back into their bedroom. And I think we removed the lock from that door!

2000s Decade:
After purchasing our newest truck, I took the key in to have a duplicate made – with multiple drivers it makes sense to have multiple keys. However, we discovered that this is a fancy truck key with an embedded computer chip. The duplicate opens the door, but doesn’t start the engine. Since Jeff and I shared driving the truck, we had to share the key, but we both still wanted it attached to our regular key rings, so Jeff found a special clip that made the transferring easy. One busy day I decided I had time between two appointments to run to the grocery store, so I did. When I pulled out my keys to put the milk in the truck, I had all of the keys, except the one I needed. Since I had checked to make sure the keys were in my purse before I locked the door (I’m trying to learn something from past mistakes) I was totally confused. The thought came to look inside, and there was the key on the seat! That little clip that made it easy to transfer, also made it easy to fall off the key ring! Fortunately, I wasn’t too far from home, so I had a nice walk there to pick up the “door only” key, then the walk back, and now I HOLD ON to the actual truck key whenever I lock that door.
2010s Decade
I’m hoping there won’t be a story to tell – at least not one that involves me!