I don’t consider myself a very good storyteller, but I want to at least attempt to record some of the fun and unusual experiences of our family that help make it unique. In honor of it being our anniversary, I figured I’d start with the time on our honeymoon when Wayne almost died – TWICE!

Above is a picture of “Hole in the Rock” on the Oregon coast. When we visited it on our honeymoon, Wayne was starving, with no McDonald’s in sight. As we hiked down the trail, I noticed some berries on a bush and offered to pick him some. He accused me of trying to poison him and refused to eat them! (near death experience #1) Then, being the adventurer he is, once we reached the bottom, he decided that he really needed to explore this neat phenomenon – that meant go climbing down into the hole with the tide coming in! I was terrified the whole time. (near death experience #2, or maybe it was #1 for me) It’s a good thing he survived both ordeals, because we didn’t have any life insurance at the time.

Also a part of our family lore, on this trip to the beach, Wayne discovered the original stones that David threw at Goliath. They have been kept in a very safe spot for the last 26 years, and are only brought out on special occasions – like when we study that story for family night.15 years later, we visited the spot again, this time with our kids, so that they could re-enact our adventures first hand. You’ll notice the bushes behind Steven, and Jeff in the rocky crevice where the waves come. There isn’t a picture of the pebbly beach, but I can assure you that all the kids looked very carefully to make sure their dad didn’t miss any “David and Goliath” stones! This morning we decided we’re both too young to have been married this long, and it just doesn’t seem possible! But it has been long enough for us to know that I would never feed him poisoned berries and that he’ll never put himself in dangerously precarious positions on purpose!

We’re looking forward to an eternity of additional adventures! Happy Anniversary to Us!!