This was Christmas vacation, so I need to post evidence of another Christmas tradition.  We didn’t do gingerbread (or graham cracker) houses like we have in the past, but Brad and Cody kept that tradition. Here’s Brad’s rendition of their apartment.  Note all the activity that is happening – somebody sleeping, brushing their teeth, getting something from the fridge, practicing the piano, and admiring the Christmas tree from the couch.  Except for the fact that only two people actually live there, I was impressed with the accuracy of his portrayal.
While in Provo, we also photographed evidence that Steven is a student.  Here’s his dorm building.

And here’s where he works.
We also had to check out the CougarEat and Bookstore while we were in town.  Too bad I didn’t get a picture of them buying textbooks.  That would have been better proof that he’s a college student.

This is what the boys thought of having to wait around for a bit.

But then it was time to meet the photographer and try to get everyone to smile at once.  We’re still waiting to see if that was successful!

It would have been nice if the sun had decided to appear earlier in the afternoon, but at least we got a glimpse of a beautiful sunset on the mountains as we were leaving.