We knew that after the excitement of Christmas Eve and Christmas, we would want to relax a bit on Monday.  However, we also have a family that likes to “plan” things so that they don’t end up sitting around doing nothing.  So, we decided Monday would be a good day to go check out the lights at Temple Square.  And we decided to go a bit early so that Wayne could “do” the South Visitor’s Center.  (That’s where he left off on the downtown tour we started one summer.)

That’s what we did.  We got there early enough to find an empty parking lot, with no attendant, so it didn’t even cost us anything.  Then Wayne read all the signs and watched all the videos.  The rest of us read some of the signs and watched some of the videos.  We’re not quite as thorough.  My favorite was the model of the Salt Lake Temple under glass, with little cutouts of some of the rooms.
It wasn’t quite dark enough once we were done looking at all the exhibits, and it was too cold to wander around outside, so we sat and watched the Mormon.org profiles that were playing on one screen.  We were there for two hours and didn’t see a repeat!  I was impressed.  I was also not feeling very well; it was my turn to catch the flu bug that Steven had when we arrived.  I’m grateful there was a nice warm place to just sit and do nothing.

As soon as the lights came on we wandered around for a few minutes before heading back to Grandpa’s house.  I went to bed, so you’ll have to ask someone else what they did for the rest of the evening!