Works for Me Wednesday

Productive Waiting Time

Maybe it’s because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I actually enjoy the time I have waiting in the car for one of the kids. It gives me an opportunity to do some things that probably wouldn’t get done if I were at home. Here are ideas for some things you might try if you’re a typical mother/chauffeur with periods of waiting around in your daily schedule.
There’s a reason this is first on the list. I don’t normally feel like I have time to just sit and read, so long ago I made it a habit to have something available for the inevitable waits. It doesn’t really matter what it is. In the past couple of weeks I’ve read magazines, scriptures, coupon inserts, the occasional novel, and skimmed “the school-required reading books” so I know what they’re being taught.
Sitting in the car for a few minutes is a great time to plan the week’s menu, prepare the shopping list, or write a quick note to send to a friend. On occasion, I’ve even used this time to write in my journal, or plan a blog post.
Nothing wrong with taking a short nap!
If I plan ahead, I can bring along a crochet or cross-stitch project to work on while I’m waiting. Those little bits of time eventually add up to a finished project.
I don’t really do this often, because I’m not a regular cell phone user, but I imagine a lot of you use your waiting time this way and I think it’s a great idea.
Family History
This doesn’t really work in the car, although it could if you had a phone with internet access. However, some of my waiting takes place at the church (during Mutual) or at the library (next to our old high school) and that gives me time to work on family history. I loved, loved, loved the times I had to wait for an after-school practice to be over because I actually made progress in finding new family members.
Sometimes there’s time to do a quick errand after dropping someone off for an activity, especially when it’s not practical to return home before picking them up. Depending upon the time of day, and location of the activity, this could be the perfect time to run to the cleaners or the post office or the grocery store or to drop off a treat for a friend.
What do you do when you have to wait for something? What will I do when Michelle finally gets the hang of driving (she’s just about there!) and I don’t have to be chauffeur any more??
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