Memorable Monday Moments

Last week it was Michelle’s turn to teach the family night lesson. She’s always so creative. She started with an activity where I guided Steven’s hand (while his eyes were closed) to make the picture she told us to. Then, because the white boards were handy, we wrote out our answers to a series of questions after reading a few scriptures.

Part two was a review of stake conference, and she pulled out the cards I had her make years ago for a seminary lesson. There’s a card for each letter in STAKE CONFERENCE. We’d take turns choosing one of the letters. She’d read the corresponding question and the answer would start with that letter. For example, for K the question could be “President Jensen spoke on what attribute from the 13th Article of Faith?” and the answer would be kindness. I’ll admit that sometimes you have to stretch to come up with questions with answers that match the letters, but that just makes it fun. The person (or team in seminary) who answers the question correctly gets to keep the card, and the winner is the one with the most cards at the end. Steven won handily. (It helps to be at the meeting that generates the questions!!!) All in all, we had a great time and are looking forward to pulling the cards out again after the next stake conference.