The plans to attend the Tulip Festival on Saturday didn’t work out, and we did want to see the flowers, so even though it was cold and rainy, we went back on Monday. It was beautiful, and everything felt clean and fresh.

There were plenty of flowers!

We walked from one end of the park to the other.

And decided that it would be a great idea to visit again in the summer when the roses are in bloom.

The fish were very excited to have the kids feed them, and watching that happen was great entertainment.

The stroller took the ramp to the top of the hill, while the rest of us used the stairs.

My favorite part was the secret garden,

but it was raining a bit harder then, and Dallin voted to stay in the covered passageway under his blanket.

Evelyn felt that Joseph Smith needed a hug because his face was all wet. Wasn’t that kind and thoughtful of her?

We enjoyed looking at the other statues as well in the “Light of the World” Garden.

Here’s a closer look at Dallin’s favorite statue – Jesus with the Chickens – and mine – Raising Lazarus.

The carousel garden had the most unusual flower (upper right, but I don’t know the name).

We walked down the hill to the waterfall,
and then climbed back up to meander through the paths and rivers that provided the source for all the falls.


Just before the exit there was a little Japanese paper crane display which was interesting.

What a lovely time we had exploring Ashton Gardens!