One of my friends, whom I consider an excellent cook, posted a recipe for Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies from Smitten Kitchen this week. While I love my chocolate chip cookie recipe, this one looked too good to pass up, so I made a trip to Trader Joe’s and picked up a bar of dark chocolate and gave this recipe a try. I’ll probably stick with our tried-and-true recipe, but I’m not sorry I made these. They’re rich and gooey and delicious, although maybe a bit too rich and gooey.

I’ve made cookies before with chopped up chocolate instead of chocolate chips, and I do love the way the little teeny bits are spread throughout the dough. (See here.) It was also nice to have a reason to use the turbinado sugar I bought a while ago. So, someday in the future I’ll substitute turbinado sugar for some of the regular sugar and use some chopped up chocolate instead of chocolate chips in my non-butter-based recipe and have the best of both worlds!