No one in our family graduated from BYU this year, so we didn’t fly out to Utah in April. However, we did make our trip to Utah in July for another very special reason – the baptism of our oldest granddaughter. You can read all about her special day here, but we participated in other activities as well. This post is about those.

We love that our grandchildren are readers!

trip to utah

This visit, instead of watching a soccer game, we accompanied them to the theater. Although we saw a production of “Cinderella” a few years ago, we didn’t mind at all seeing it again. This intimate theater-in-a-round was a very different experience from watching it on a large stage from the nose-bleed section, and we thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Of course, part of the fun was watching the excitement of two little girls. Thank you for inviting us!

Hale Centre Theater trip to Utah

Hale Centre Theater trip to Utah

As you all know, it’s not a proper vacation without enjoying some restaurants. After the performance, we enjoyed dinner at Evelyn’s favorite restaurant, Nielsen’s. Although they could use some shades on the windows (the setting sun was a bit blinding), the burgers and ice cream (technically frozen custard) were delicious! You can tell by the line that others agreed.

Nielsen's Frozen Custard trip to Utah

That was one restaurant. We also enjoyed breakfast with Wayne’s parents at Village Inn, but I didn’t take any pictures of that. Then, a couple of days later, we went with Michelle and Hayden to try out a new restaurant in Lehi. Last Course was an interesting experience – dessert as art. (Noticing that no prices were listed on their website, we figured it might be.) I doubt we’ll go back, but we did enjoy one visit, and since it was impossible to eat all the shake garnishes in a single sitting, it actually lasted more than one day.

Last course trip to Utah

Part of our Utah trip this year included a quick road trip to Montana, but that deserves its own post. After our return, we appreciated the opportunity to spend time with Michelle and Hayden. They are gracious hosts and we were happy to see the progress they’ve made on their home in the past year, and also to explore a bit of their neighborhood.

Utah Lake

It was a pretty quick trip, at least for Wayne, jam-packed with family activities. But we’ll be back next year!

saratoga springs, Utah Lake