A new grandson joined our family last month and I had the wonderful opportunity to go meet him and spend some time with his family when he was less than two weeks old. Because of the distance involved, this hasn’t happened with our other grandchildren so it was a real treat. I love being able to interact with our sons and their families on their home turf. After years of sending Wayne off on business trips, it’s kind of interesting to be the one leaving. I think my “business” trips are much more enjoyable!
Precious baby!
Awesome big brothers!
Talented grocery cart loading!
Putting it all away!
I had a great helper with the dishes!
After chores it was time to play outside.
We enjoyed a field trip to the gelato place in town. If you knew the mystery flavor, you got a scoop of it for free! That day it was White Chocolate Vanilla  Macadamia Nut. That’s a mouthful to say, but it was delicious.
Building puzzles together is fun.
And so is building Lego creations.

If I took fewer pictures, I’d probably finish these posts sooner, but I’m grateful that I have a lot of help in remembering the great times we had. That’s a good thing for this visual learner.