That night the temperature dropped! Fortunately, the actual precipitation held off until after the soccer game. We were reminded of what a great activity this can be, are proud of Brad for taking the time to be a volunteer coach,, and are grateful that these days are in the past for us! Actually, we did really enjoy watching the enthusiasm of these cute kids, both on and off the field.

After that game we listened to another, and although it would have been more enjoyable if our team had played better, we did have a great time with our indoor tail-gate party football feast.

The girls, who went to the Primary practice where they got pizza for lunch, were happy to get back in time to help us eat candy for dessert!

Then the cousins arrived! Such fun chaos and so many great memories. I loved observing this next generation do the same activities I remember from my childhood – sliding down the stairs at my grandmother’s house, figuring out how to do Cat’s Cradle, sit-up contests and water experiments.

Even those who had pizza for lunch didn’t complain about having pizza for dinner, and we were pleased that the restaurant listed in the AAA guide book, Mackenzie River Pizza, really did have delicious pizza.

One, or two, or three, or more stories, then it was time to call it a night and get some rest before the big day.