I love the view out our kitchen window!However, we didn’t spend a lot of time looking at it today; it was another work day, and today’s project was the kids’ bathroom upstairs. It’s amazing what a difference a bit of re-caulking and some new paint makes.Even though we were working hard, there was still time for napping and enjoying the computer, and we even took the opportunity to re-enact screwing in the closet shelf! (Michelle was in her room doing some touch-up painting and I had the camera handy, so she thought that would be a good idea.)And because we live in paradise, we had some special visitors today too.Now the day is done, and the bathroom is all nice and shiny – all ready for whoever wants to visit!

Were you observant and noticed this isn’t the same bathroom as earlier in the post? I couldn’t get a good picture (small spaces and weird angles) of today’s project, but last week’s project is still nice and shiny too!