Beautiful Princess has long hair.  Long hair clogs bathtub drains.  (A good reason for having a stand-alone shower.)  We’re poured the drain cleaner down the tub every couple of months or so, and it was on the schedule to do that again today.  However, I decided to surf the internet and see if there was a better way (do I dare say “a more environmentally friendly” way?) to get the job done.  I just thought I’d give a shout-out to the wonderful person who shared how to remove the pesky stopper.

Thanks for your help, Eleene!  Now if someone would just come do it for me so I can eliminate the gagging (which actually wasn’t too terribly bad this time), my life would be perfect!

I also want to record that we’ve done quite well at keeping the shower doors clear and shiny.  The car wax tip (see #5 here), along with wiping them down daily, really works!